Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unique Purple Ombre Nails: Week 23 of the Year of Polish Challenge

This week in the Year of Polish Challenge is Ombre nails.  While I've seen Ombre nails all over the place, these type of nails are a first for me.  I wanted the ombre effect with some shimmer so I used Tokyo Pearl in different amounts mixed with an unnamed dark dark dark purple Ulta Polish.  (Brownie points if you have any clues to the name of the unnamed!) to get the different shades of shimmery purple.  I used a toothpick to mix the polishes together and used a large nail art brush to apply the shades to my nails.

The Unnamed Ulta Polish is hard to capture on camera so I took this extra picture to show you the deep purple hue.  


  1. Love your ombre mani! Oh, and for the brownie points...I believe that is Ulta After Hours, but I could be wrong :O) Hope that helps