Saturday, November 19, 2011

New to Nail Art

A few months ago I looked at the blog of a friend from a forum and was blown away by her nail art.  Flash forward a few months and I have loads of pictures of my own nail art.  Some of the nail art is my design, others are inspired by other artists.  Should I use another artist's design, I will always strive to give credit.  Since "Love, Actually" is my favorite movie and I recently did the nails below in honor of the movie,  I decided to name my blog Nails, Actually!  To my knowledge, I haven't come across a nail  or nail art blog called this.  Please inform me if you have! 

I have no preference for any brand of polish and recently I have amassed over 100 bottles of polish.  Brands so far include:  OPI, Nicole by OPI, OPI for Sephora, Nails Inc, China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen (all kinds), Kiss Nail Art, Essie, Wet N' Wild, Revlon, KleanColor, Petite, Bon Bon, and Sally Girl.  I will try to credit the brand and color of each polish I use.  I tend to use Sinful Colors and Wet N' Wild colors more only because a lot of them were 99cent purchases and I am less likely to use up an $8 polish than I am a 99cent one.  Im "thrify" that way.

As for polish remover, I recommend acetone over non-.  It works better for the layers that my nail art often involves!  Not to mention it takes off glitter way easier.  I tend to use Q-tips for removal.

I also freehand a lot but I do often use stamping plates from Konad and Bundle Monster too.  If I uses a stamp, I will let you know which brand and plate was used as well as what polish.  Currently I only have gold, silver, and white Konad stamping polish and the rest is from regular brands.

You'll see a lot more fingernails painted on this blog than toe nails.  I only do my toes every two weeks not to mention I don't particularly like my toes anyway.

Please keep in mind that I am still learning and practicing.  I may start working on fake nails just to practice more.  Almost always the picture will depict my left hand for obvious reasons...since I'm right handed and not ambidextrous, my left hand always looks significantly better.  I do welcome constructive criticism but I look at this as a hobby so please don't expect my art to be on par with people who do nail art for a living.  Should you use any of my designs or designs I credit to someone else, or use any pictures posted on to Nails, Actually please give credit

On nail length:  I work a fulltime job that requires a lot of typing, mouse clicking, and general hand usage.  Therefore, my nails are kept short and I don't plan to sport fake nails anytime soon.  I simply do not like the aftermath nails from having fake nails.  Its a personal choice and any creative or industrious soul can modify any of my designs for longer nails with my blessing.  I don't see a lot of nail art blogs featuring short nails so why not my blog?

Last and final thing to say is that I will always attempt to share exactly how I did a design.  I dislike when nail art people show their awesome work on blogs and networking sites but then do not share any tips on how to recreate the look.  Nail art is subjective and my freehanded stuff is simply me muddling through until I get the look I want.  Its trial and error but I will try to share tips and elements that make a design look finished.

On to the first set of nails...

These nails are my design in honor of my FAVORITE movie of all time, "Love, Actually." I started with a clear base coat, then one coat of InstaDri's Whirlwind White. Then I applied a thin coat of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl. I used Xtremewear's Black out and Kiss's Nail Art Black (for the letters, musical notes, and outline), Petite's Rock N Red for the ribbon, KleanColor's Metallic Yellow for the necklace, and Sinful Color's Sugar Sugar for the jewel on the necklace and the tiny hearts.  "All You Need is Love," is sang at a wedding in the movie.  The bow is from the movie case or cover.  The necklace, though pretty, actually represents new love/lust but also ends a marriage in the film.  Hearts and musical notes for obvious reasons!  On my other hand I did the same pictures except the words were changed to "Love-Is All-You Need."

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