Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snombie Love Nails

What does a Snowman that been infected with the Zombie virus become?  A Snombie.  I came across this delightful little cartoon and was inspired to do some Snombie nails. Ah... but not just any Snombie  While in the midst of sketching out the design I thought, we gotta add some brains and some love.  So the Snowgirl victim falls for her Snombie attacker.

Started out with clear basecoat then applied two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White on thumb and pinky nails.  I applied Sinful Colors Why Not to the other three nails on each hand.  I mixed Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Limestone and Sinful Colors Savage to make a sickly green and used Snow Me White again to make Snowgirl.  I used Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby for red accents, China Glaze's Recycle for the Snombie scarf and heart, Sinful Colors Nirvana for the Snombie nose, Sinful Colors Cloud 9 for the Snowgirl nose, and Sinful Colors Soul Mate for the brain material. I used Sally Hansen's Xtremewear Black Out to outline everything.

On the other hand, I again used Black Out to make "Snombie" and outline the brain and used Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar for "Love."  Used Soul Mate yet again to make the brain.  Highlights on the black letters using Snow Me White.  All and all, very fun nails to kick off the Christmas holidays...

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