Monday, November 21, 2011

Wizard of Oz nails

So if you haven't noticed yet, I prefer to put images on my nails that symbolize parts of movies, videos, and books.  I don't even try to paint faces or characters.  For one, Im sure I would suck at painting faces with nail polish.  For another, I like more subtle nail art.  So my Wizard of Oz nails have neither Dorothy and her gang nor the rest of the cast of characters.  Take a look!

Starting with a basecoat, I then painted every nail but the index finger with InstaDri Whirlwind white.  I do not advice using InstaDri colors for designs you want to last.  Thats just what I happened to grab and I was in a hurry to get it to dry.  On the index finger, I painted that nail with Sally Hansen's Xtremewear Black Out. I painted a thin coat of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl on each thumb nail.  On the index finger, I painted a slipper outline with bow in Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  My middle nail was first painted with Sinful Colors Glass Pink but I didnt like the effect so I painted over that color with Petite's French Pink and then added another layer of Sinful Colors Glass Pink for sparkle.  I also painted the outline of the wand in Sinful Color's Snow Me White.  The silver color is simply Kiss Nail Art's silver with its striper brush.  When it didnt fully pop, I added black lines using Kiss Nail Art's black stripping polish.  On my ring finger, I made a rough outline of the Emerald City using Xtremewear's Ivy League but again it didnt show up like I wanted so I added Sinful Colors glitter in Call You Later and accent stripes in a darker green, Sinful Colors San Francisco.  Later for even more definition I added Kiss Nail Art Black striping polish.  The sky is Sinful Colors Why Not. Last but not least my pinky nail is, of course, the yellow brick road.  I painted a base color in Sinful Color's Lets Meet and then drew in brick lines with Kiss Nail Art White striping polish and brush.  I filled in the lines with Revlon's Gold Coin but added Kiss Nail Art Black striping polish to add more to the brick layout.  On my thumb, I mixed Xtremewear's Black Out with Sinful Colors' Tokyo Pearl to get a messy, sparkly grey color.  I freehanded a tornado with that color and added more lines with my black striping polish and brush.   I wrote Oz right beside the tornado in Gold Coin and outlined it again with black striping polish.  For a little sparkly debris, I did a thin coat of Xtremewear's In the Spotlight glitter strips.  They may or may not show up in the picture but it looked great in person! 

One thing I'd do differently is probably add the roof of a house swirling in the tornado.  I thought of it after I finished and was too tired to add it this time. 

I am loving my Kiss Nail Art Striping polishes in Black, White, and Silver.  I always have something to use them for and the striping brushes in the polish work well for small detail that the rest of my nail art brushes can't always accomplish! 

Last, I did the other hand the exact same way albeit not as pretty.   My poor right hand is always the mistreated stepchild in my nail art.

Let me know what you think!

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