Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scented Polish and some cute Rose nail art!

Had a lazy Saturday but we did venture to Walmart where I finally bought some of Revlon's scented polish.  I chose Revlon's Mon Cherry.  It says to use two coats but I was able to get great, solid coverage with one coat.  It does smell like cherries!

So, while I love this color by itself, this is a nail art blog and I am a nail art fanatic so I broke out the stamping and rhinestones again.  While playing with a clear 3D rhinestone and four black teardrop rhinestones I formed a sort of rose look.  I searched through my stamping plates and found the scrolling design on Bundle Monster plate 201 and stamped it on to my thumb nails in Konad White stamping polish.  I then put a clear topcoat to seal the stamp and placed my rhinestone design on each thumb.   I really think that doing this on every nail would be a bit of overkill but Im sure it would look cute if you want to try!  I added green teardrop rhinestones to act as leaves for the roses.  Last I added one more layer of topcoat in hopes to seal the rhinestones to the nail.  We'll see how well they hold up!  Hope you like them:)

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