Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Rhinestones (and Confetti) arrived!

Last week I was cruising through Amazon.com (what else is new!?) and ran into some great deals from MASH. 

I bought the Premium MASH 2400 piece 12 color Nail art Manicure Wheels with 3D Design Rhinestones for $6.99,  The MASH premium Nail Art Manicure Glitter confetti Shapes for $6.50, and the best deal was the premium MASH 1200 piece 12 color Nail Art 3D design Tear Rain Drop Rhinestones for $1.99.   The total for this came to $15.48 and it was free shipping!

Check out my new stuff!

Can't wait to get some of these on my nails and share:0)

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