Thursday, January 19, 2012

Asymmetrical Purple French Tip Nails

Just playing around tonight and came up with these ultra sparkly nails!

To get these I started out with clean, base coated nails.  I used a striper nail art brush to make a diagonal line in Planks A Lot from the top curve of one part of the nail to the lower side of the other nail. Once all lines were drawn I went back in with a nail polish brush and filled in the sections in Planks a Lot.  Next I used a striper brush to outline the top line in Gold Coin and started the diagonal line of the other gold section.  I then used a regular polish brush and filled in the rest of the gold section with Gold Coin, resulting in the nails above.

To add some sparkle, I used several coats of Spark-tacular top coat to the end gold section of each nail. I had the Twinkly Love confetti polish laying around and thought a small heart would be cute amidst the glitter so I added one to each nail.  Last, I used my Pro FX Complete 3 as a top coat.  I am in love with these right now and I'm thinking I should've gone bigger with the glitter!

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