Friday, January 6, 2012

Splatter Manicure, First Try Fail

For these splatter nails, I am a little disappointed in them if only because I wanted more splatter and less blobs of polish.  I think I will have to hunt down some smaller straws to do my next set of splatter nails.

I first painted Black Creme over every base-coated nail.  I then used a pen casing as my splatterer and splattered Mellow Yellow, Mint Apple, and Helena on each nail.  A lot of tutorials will say to used tape or Vaseline to prevent large messes but I didn't find it overly messy.  I just used a swab and an orange stick to clean up any stray polish.  I will say that you do need to do this on a covered surface, either with a paper towel or a piece of scratch paper.   Last I added some glitter via a coat of Snow Globe and a coat of Sally Girl's iridescent glitter.   I followed with a fast drying top coat and these nails were done. 

Surprisingly, these nails did not take long to dry even with all the layers and I had no smudges this morning.   Still, I will be working on perfecting my splatter manicures and welcome any suggestions!

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  1. I saw a tutorial this morning about splatter manicures:

    Hope that helps you :)