Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Crazy Bargain Polish Haul

An acquaintance suggested that I take a look at this ultra discount beauty supply store in Aurora, Colorado.  On the way back from the gym (yep, I'm starting the new year off right!) I drove by and the store was OPEN!  They only had NYX and Ruby Kisses polish but each polish was only 99cents.  Score!

Frizzy Spots:  sheer black base with silver glitter
Dorothy: sheer black base with red glitter
Buzz Worthy:  Taupe-ish micro glitter
Gold Bar: More coppery than gold
Gilded Glitter: asymmetrical gold glitter

Brown Sugar:  Tan, pinkish shimmery polish
Sunflower:  shimmery yellow gold polish

Last, I found these bargain nails for $2.50 to use on my practice hand that should arrive any day now.  My bill for the polishes and nails was just over $10.

I also recently bought a few more Sinful Colors but I was hoping that some of you could help me out.  I found this shimmery wine mystery color that has no sticker so I don't know what the polish's name is!

Mystery Color:  Sparkly wine polish
Out of this World:  Silvery, shimmery polish
Under 18:  Shimmery red polish


  1. Hmm I love a good mystery. I think it's Dancing Nails?

  2. Yep, I think Dancing Nails too!