Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink Floral Nails

There are several chairs where I work that have this very interesting floral pattern with a teal grey base color, grey stalks, pink and red flowers, and tiny dark green leaves. I have always liked them so I snapped a photo of the fabric.  You can see it below.

I thought the pattern would make some very pretty nails so I tried it out tonight and was surprised to get such good results!

To start, I thought very hard about using a turquoise, mint, or teal base for these to more closely match the color scheme but then I tested one of my new polishes, Punk, which is a metallic sage-like green and I love it even more!  I painted all nails with two coats of Punk after putting on a clear, base coat.  I then used a nail art brush dipped in Recycle to make random stems.

The above picture is take with a flash to show color and the picture below in lamp light to show detail.

Using the same nail art brush, I made dots at the tops of some stems on each nail leaving room for more dots in Extravagant and Innocent.  Last I used stripes of Sinful Colors San Francisco (a dark green) and Happy Ending (a grass green) to draw in leaf details on other stems and to fill in blank spots on each nail.    I'm not sure what kind of flowers these actually are but they sure look sweet and I bet they smell good too!

Oh, and shoot me a comment on these if you know a flower that looks like this or if you like these nails!