Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink & Gun Metal Heart Nails

I did these nails just playing around with some pink and grey polishes.  Of course, Valentine's Day isn't far from my mind but after five years of wedded bliss, the honeymoon is over, I'm on a strict diet, and I dislike the wastefulness of cut flowers.  My husband is sweet throughout the year so one day doesn't make or break our romance!

These nails aren't great BUT in my defense, they were painted with my left hand (yes, I'm nuts like that) AND despite how messy they are I really love the Insta-Dri Gone Grey with the Wet N Wild Sparked Glitter. I think for Valentine's Day proper, I will wear just the Gone Grey with the Sparked Top Coat.  So pretty!  So yes...had my right hand not been full of lovely Julep polishes that formed some very sweet Peace Nails, this nail art would've been much better.  But, oh well! I still like 'em!


  1. Awww, your hearts are super cute :) I also love the colours you've used :) I've tagged you on my blog - xxx