Friday, January 6, 2012

Nail Art Station and my Resolution to Organize in 2012

I am so excited to report that my 90 ct wall mount polish rack and practice hand just arrived from PremierNailSource!  So today I worked on organizing my nail art station to be a little more convenient as well as to provide me with some much needed space to work with..

I recently posted on twitter that my main beauty resolution for 2012 was to get my nail art polishes and supplies in some semblance of order.  When I started out months ago, I kept polishes and image plates in a shower caddy but I've been a polish and supply buying fiend of late and I ran out room very quickly.  I decided to do a post detailing my organization efforts!

Before Picture of Nail Art Station:

After Picture of Nail Art Station:

My new nail polish rack looks great doesn't it?  What a steal.  It says that it holds 90 polishes of any brand but its actually holding 109 of my polishes as well as four mini bottles of polish! 

The desk my polishes and supplies are on is one that I found on Craigslist for $10.  I am looking out and have friends and family keeping an eye out for a cheap, used nail tech table.  The desk is perfect for my needs right now but as its laminate I've had to rig it up with some foil and duct tape to keep any acetone spills from ruining the finish.  I stole the office chair from my desk in my bedroom because the cat used it more than I did in its previous space.  The lamp was one we had as well that had been relegated to some dark corner of our apartment.  The tray table was from a set of four my husband found sitting out beside the dumpster.  So complete cost of this area after subtracting what I already owned was about $45, with the shelf being the largest part of that.  I also added the $10 I paid for the desk because I specifically bought it to use as a nail art table.  Last, I added $2 for the target boxes and $3 for the coffee beans. I will probably soon have to buy another shelf just like this one soon, the polish fiend that I am.  Oh...a glitter nail polish rack would be so lovely!

I bought these boxes in Target's Dollar aisles and filled one of them with half a bag of hazelnut coffee beans.  It makes my nail area smell divine.  I then found a votive at Michael's and a votive someone brought back for me from Mexico and placed Q-tips in one and dotting tools, nail file, orange sticks, and toothpicks in the other.   Last, I placed all my base & top coats, nail treatments, as well as my matte finish topcoat from Nails, Inc into the beans.

In my other box, I have acetone, a push bottle from Sephora, cotton pads, scissors, old gift cards for polish mixing and palettes, and dollar store note cards for testing and practicing designs.  I highly recommend practicing on thicker paper.

All of my nail art brushes are shown here in a small cup filled with hazelnut coffee beans.  The brushes I haven't used yet still have their protective plastic sleeves.  One of my best purchases so far has been the set of MASH nail art brushes.  Not only were they a great deal on amazon but they've been so versatile.

These two storage drawer sets were languising in a closet, left over from when I taught middle school.  Now they house all sorts of nail art, manicure, and pedicure supplies such as cosmetic sponges, tip guides, nail art ideas, foils, rhinestone glue, rhinestones, glitter, lotion, spa soak, bath salts, pumice, toe separators, emery boards, nail drill, cuticle remover, stamper and scraper for image plates, extra Q-tips and cotton pads, extra toothpicks, etc.  They work pretty good for now and soon I will have each drawer labeled.

Last but not least is my practice hand, Thing II.  She's a wiley one, Thing II is  because I'm having the darnedest time finding nails that fit her but I am looking forward to an extra set of nails to paint...oh yes, I am!


  1. Your collection looks great and so organized! I wouldn't have thought to store my brushes in coffee beens. I have mine in decorative sand and the little glass beads haha but I think the coffee would smell much better!! Very creative!

  2. Nailpolish the idea from Pinterest. If you want to waste a ton of time pinning and repinning ideas (including nail art) to your boards, let me know and Ill send you an invite! You can check out my nail art pins at