Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gem Crush Polishes and Operation Nail It's Blog Sale Finds

Everyone has been raving at Sally Hansen's new Gem Crush polishes.  After seeing swatches pop up everywhere, I had to have some.  Ladies, I tell you...I was on a mission!  I had to go and buy school supplies because my classes start soon so I decided to go to Walgreens for some one-stop shopping.

Walgreens, Walgreens, Walgreens..*sigh*  I keep giving them chance after polish chance.  If it weren't for their 99cent Sinful Colors sales, I think I'd have to boycott them.  To save myself time and heartache I checked online to see if Walgreens had the polishes in store.  They said they did!  Yay!  The first thing I did when I get into the store is to start hunting down the Gem Crush polish.  Keep in mind that this store is on the way home and the gym so I stop there quite often.  I couldn't find the polishes.  *sad face* I asked an employee who supposedly works in beauty.  To my horror, she told me that they ran out of that polish weeks ago!!

What?!  That polish has not been on these shelves!  I would know!  I pointed out that says that this store has this polish.  She says it must be wrong!  Grrrr...I walk off shaking my head and telling the employee I think she's confused while she's adamant that these polishes are gone and BAM!  I spy them on a shelf as I'm walking away.  I shoot her dagger eyes as I pull out my favorites and she skulks away ashamed.  Girl, you should be because if you don't know about a product simply say "I don't know" or at least volunteer to look up the product on your computer.  Pure laziness!

Never get between a polish fiend and her next haul or else, right!

I really would like to get Lady Luck and Bejeweled but Walgreens only had six of the polishes in their display.  Total Bummer.  Still, I am happy with the polished I did get even with the outrageous price ($6.99 per bottle) and the polish blocking employee.  I also bought the Insta-Dri Gone Grey polish and Sinful Colors All About You (not pictured)  Look for my use of two of these Gem Crush polishes in an upcoming Year of Polish Challenge.

In other news, last week Nicel from Operation Nail It had a blog sale with some great polish.  I had to get some of those deals and the polished I ordered arrived today!

Anyone else notice how very similar Diamond in the Rough is to Glitz Gal?  I swatched them on paper and its impossible to tell one from the other.  That's OK though because I will get use out of them both!  Night Lights was pretty too and Its All in the Cut might as well be a pink Gem Crush polish too.  Last but not least, It's A Hit is purpley-pink hexagon glitter suspended in a clear base.

What was I saying yesterday about glitter?

Oh yes...*addicted*

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