Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Copper and Sparkly Fuchsia Half Moon Mani

I've been meaning to do a half moon manicure for a while and finally got the time, supplies, and inclination to do some!

As with all my interests, I go through phases and my current phase is using metallic or sparkly polish or even both.  In these Copper and Fuchsia Half Moon Manicure Nails, you get a bit of both!

For these nails you will also need reinforcement stickers like these to use as a guide for your half moon manicure.

I have to say that these are some nails that turned out better than I thought they would.  These are seriously my first half moon manicure nails EVER! 

First, I applied Julep's Nail Therapy to my nails.  I posted about receiving Nail Therapy as one of Julep's first 5000 Mavens and I'm hoping that it works because my nails need to stop peeling!  Tonight is only my third application.  I'm going to give it a week and compare!  You can use Nail Therapy as a base coat which saves me a step.

I painted all nails with two coats of Gold Bar.  Once they dried completely, I cut the reinforcement stickers in half and applied one half sticker to each nail.  The only thing I can suggest with these is to make sure all nails have roughly the same amount of moon :)  Once the stickers were applied I then painted two, thin coats of Mystical on my nails creating the half moon effect.  I painted the purple sections of my nails with a couple of coats of  I Miss You and then painted over the glitter with another coat of Mystical.  If you haven't painted over glitter yet, you should try it!  Its given these nails more depth than I would have guessed!  I then touched up any smudged lined with some more Gold Bar on a small nail art brush.   Last, I used some old, clear top coat to apply fuchsia rhinestones to the copper moon of each nail.  After a quick drying top coat to seal them, these nails are done!  Let's hope they survive the night...


  1. How pretty! I love that Sinful Colors polish. I sent you an an award at

  2. I saw that, Nails, but I had enough trouble finding 5 blogs to award the Liebster award to a few weeks ago. I know I can't find 15! So I haven't passed it on yet. But thanks for thinking of me:)