Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Resolutions and Purple Copper Gradient Nails

With the new year almost upon us,  I thought I'd list my five main resolutions for 2012 (trust me, its related to these nails).

1.  I'm going to limit my personal spending to $20 per week.  I've gotten into a really bad habit of ordering things off amazon and I'm trying to curb that habit.  Personal spending is just Sonic teas, gum, and whatever else catches my fancy.  I think I can...

2.  I'm going to try and organize all of my polishes/nail art supplies/mani-pedi items and bring some order to this small corner of our apartment.   While re-organizing my polishes by color today, I found Julep's Alfre and started playing with this shimmery purple polish.  Hence the nails today!  Must get polishes where I can see all the colors and USE them!

3.  Do a better job at keeping in touch with friends and family back in Texas.  We all get caught up in our lives and its easy to pick up a phone and call someone.   I plan to do that more.

4. Be more daring and creative in my nail art.  I plan to scour the web come fashion week for the latest designs to go on my nails.  My nails and nail art WILL be more edgy and now.

5.  Make "A's" in grad school.  For those of you that haven't read yet, I just got accepted into a Master's of Library and Information Sciences program.  In two years I will be a Librarian with cool nails:0)

So onto these nails...

For these nails, I prepped with my usual Pro FX Complete 3 base coat.  Next, I applied the first thin layer of Alfre on each nail.  Alfre is a sensual, smoky purple that shimmers with depth.  I then applied a second thin layer of Alfre and let all nails dry.  Using a cosmetic sponge, I applied a heavy layer of Warm & Fozzie along the edge of each nail and then used the remaining glitter on the sponge to create the gradient effect.  Warm & Fozzie looks copper but has some pink and orange tones that work nicely with Alfre.  I actually put these two polishes together by happy accident and was enthralled.  Not to be outdone, I added the barest swish of some Sally Girl Irredescent Glitter polish on each nail which added some turquoise specks of glitter.  This effect reminds me of oxidized copper and I plan to do more with it.  Last, I applied Julep's Fast Drying Top Coat to seal in all that glitter and goodness!

Hope you like these Purple Copper Gradient Nails!  I can't wait to see what they look like in natural sunlight.

Be on the look out for a post and perhaps even a video showing my organization efforts!

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