Saturday, December 31, 2011

January Maven Box Arrived!

Just want to warn you ahead of time that this post contains a crazy amount of photos but I wanted you to experience what I do when I get my monthly Maven box!  If you don't subscribe to Julep's Maven program, consider getting on their mailing list for offers at least! 

First up is Julep's Nail Therapy.  This was a bonus freebie to the first 5000 Mavens as a thank you.  I chose this bonus because it specifically says "Hydrates and protects dry, brittle, peeling nails. Nourishes nails with Vitamin E. Dramatic results in just three days" in the product description on  My nails do tend to peel and I will let you know the results.  I am hoping for stronger nails!

Now onto the polish!  I have to say I was torn between getting my usual American Beauty choice or the It Girl selections this month but I am a sucker for more polish and I don't have colors like these.

Hayden is a very peachy color.  I'm not sure how often I will break her out as a full on nail color but its nice to have for nail art!

Megan is a shimmery blue that does match a few other polish colors but you can't go wrong with the quality of Julep's polish. 

Leah is my FAVORITE.  She's a shimmery bright green and I can't wait to get this color on my nails.

Fashion bloggers and magazines alike are all predicting that one of the beauty trends of 2012 will be Bright Nail Colors so those of us in the know are getting a great start with these three polishes!

Last, I had to post a picture of Jane's Beauty Tip that showed up on the bottom of my Julep postcard.  I do most of my nail art at night and overnight smudges are a common occurrence for me so this tip is something I think everyone should know.  I will be trying it and thanks, Jane!

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