Saturday, December 3, 2011

Betsey Johnson Leopard and Roses Inspiration Nails

Yet another set of nails inspired by fashion.  Who doesn't love Betsey Johnson's designs?  I love how she mixes patterns and makes women look their best.  I saw the dress below and leopard print nails are sooo in right now.  I had to break out an image plate and a dotting tool to prep for these awesome nails.

The Betsey Johnson dress: 

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Klean Color's Metallic Yellow
Wet N Wild Black
Julep's Drew
Sinful Color's Soul Mate
Julep's Diane
Wet N Wild's Lavender Creme
Wet N Wild's Burgundy Frost
Insta-Dri's Lickety Split Lime

To get these nails, I started with a clear basecoat.  If you look closely at the dress print, the undercolors of the leopard print range from white to a yellowy gold.  I thought the best way to accomplish this was by a sort of gradient of white and metallic yellow.  First, I sponged on Snow Me White down the middle of each nail.  I then sponged Metallic Yellow around the edges of the nail leaving the tips white. 

Next, using Konad Image Plate M57, I applied Wet N Wild's Black to the leopard print stamp and applied it to each nail.  I used a swab to clean up any stray spots from the skin around my nails.

Now, I think these nails look GREAT like this but since we are doing Betsey's kickass print, I couldn't stop!   I then chose my largest dotting tool and dipped it into Snow Me White.  I applied one to two large dots at random corners of each nail.  Trust me, the design looks better if the roses are placed at differnt spots on each nail.  I then used a smaller dotting tool to put in one to two smaller dots in Snow Me White.  After the dots dried, I applied two different shades of pink to the white dots, using Drew and Lavendar Creme.  I then applied swishes of Drew, Lavendar Creme, Burgundy Frost, and Snow Me White to each rose to simulate petals.  Using Diane, I applied several leaves to each set of roses.  Diane is a very dark green so to bring out the leaves, I also highlighted them with Lickety-Split Lime.  Last, I applied a protective topcoat to save the design.

These nails turned out soooo cute.  Thanks, Betsey, for amazing fashion that keeps your fellow ladies looking sexy and fun.  XOXO!

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