Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teardrop rhinestones and Julep's Charlotte

I recently ordered Julep polish during a two for one sale and one of the polishes I bought was Julep's Charlotte. Charlotte is a light, airy purple and so very feminine.    I happen to adore purple polish and, since my name is Charlotte,  what is not to love?  I painted my nails this pretty purple but then thought...it needs something.  Obviously, this blog is not about polish swatches so I had to go the extra mile here on these nails.

Polishes used:
Julep's Charlotte
Revlon's Gold Coin
Julep's Fast Drying Topcoat
MASH Rain Drop Rhinestones*

These nails were very simple.  I painted my nails with two coats of Charlotte after applying a clear base coat.  I then uses a small nail art brush dipped in Gold Coin to paint a rain drop shape at the top middle of each nail.  I then applied a small amount of an old topcoat I had (that has dried out and thicken a bit) to each rain drop shape and applied five different colors of tear drop rhinestones to each hand.  Loving the rhinestones and Julep's Charlotte.  Now what to wear to show off these nails!

*Tip*  If you have a steady hand, you might try doing the gold surrounding each rhinestones after you've glued them to your nail, especially if you think you might make the gold raindrop smaller than the rhinestone.  You want the gold polish to appear like the rhinestone is set in gold.  There is no set way to do this but without a steady hand you are better off free-handing the larger gold rain drop first and then applying the rhinestone.  Good luck!

*You can get a great deal on rain drop rhinestones here.  These are the exact kind that I used on the nails above and for $2.99, you'll be be-dazzling tons of nails for pennies!

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