Saturday, December 3, 2011

Louboutin Peep Toe Inspiration Nails

I was basically doing a very long fashion surf today and ran into these Louboutin heels:

Aren't they HOT?!  I decided that since I can't afford $200 shoes that I could atleast have the design on my nails.  Ultimately, I'm not thrilled with the results the first time around but I think I caught the soul (pun intended) of this design.

I suppose I need an even smaller brush for this design or one of those nail pens with a very fine tip because those loopty loops were tough!  I also took some creative license with the loops because I added colors to the inside loops rather than rhinestones. 

Polishes Used:
Julep's Drew as a base
Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the loops
Sinful Colors Why not as the blue string
Sinful Colors Dream On for small and large dots
Sinful Colors Let's Talk for small dots and teardrop jewel
KleanColor's Metallic Yellow for the middle jewel base
Insta-Dri's Lickety Split Lime for small dots

I finished with a clear top coat and that was that!  Also, take a look at the black Louboutins similar to these.  I love the design on those as well.  Let me know if you see these for sale online and where so I can go there and drool over them!

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