Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Julep Hauls from two shipments today!

I finally received my December Julep Maven box.  Also, Julep have a twofer sale last Tuesday so I bought a couple more polishes Ive been drooling over. 

The picture above is what came in the December Maven box.  The Pomegranate Body Creme smells soooo nice.  It leaked a bit in the decorative bag it was sent in but not enough to make a big mess.  I also received Julep's Helena polish which is such a pretty fuchsia color.   I compare it to Sinful Color's Dream On only I bet it dries 10x better.  Looking forward to using it!  I also received Julep's Fast Drying topcoat.  I tend to shy away from anything that says "fast-drying" for my basecoat and topcoats because I want my nail art to last.  Still, I will be trying it out soon!  Last, as an added bonus, Julep threw in these delightful little glitter balls with a business card explaining how to used them.   I recently saw these used in a studded effect over a shiny black base color.  Everyone has been raving about those nails so now I guess I can recreate them!

In the above pic is the two polishes I bought in Julep's two-for-one sale they had recently.  Julep's Amy is such a sweet pretty light blue.  Julep's Charlotte is a divine light purple and how could I resist a polish that shares my name?!  I cant wait to see how these two polishes hold up under stamping.  Last, I did get some samples which I throw in my purse for the days my hands need a little something extra.  

The last pic shows everthing all together that I received today. I wish you could smell the Pomegranate body creme.   Today's haul makes me happy. 

In other news, I do have some exciting new nail art coming up.   I recently came up with following designs:
  • Pet Adoption nail art-I am an animal lover from way back!
  • Star Trek nail art-  My husband is a big fan and we recently started watching the original series
  • Chipotle nail art-  I love this restaurant and its roots are in Denver so I have to pay homage!
  • Burt's Bees nail art- Another product I love, I always have two or three chapsticks floating around!
  • Nails, Actually nail art-  Wanting to do some great nails that promote my blog!
So as you can see I'm going to be busy with all my new polishes and products and ideas.   There is never enough time in the day...

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