Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Gaga Inspired Nail Art: Marry the Night

I was finally able to catch Lady Gaga's Official video "Marry the Night" on Perez Hilton's website.  Gaga never disappoints and I worked out a nail art design inspired by the video.  Warning: the video is long but worth it!

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors Secret Admirer-thumb nail base
Sinful Colors Snow Me White-ring nail base, used to write "Marry the Night", ballet slipper
Sinful Colors Nirvana-shadow on cherrios
Sinful Colors Soul Mate-mixed with French Pink for ballet slipper's pink color
Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter-used on top of ballet slipper's pink color
Petite's French Pink-mixed with Soul Mate for ballet slipper's pink color
Revlon's Grey Suede-mixed with Snow me white to make cherrios color
Revlon's Gold Coin-used on thumb nail to simulate stars
Xtremewear's Celeb City-used on pinky to simulate sparklies
Xtremewear's Black Out-all black accents and middle nail base
China Glaze's For Audrey-index finger nail
BonBon's Shimmery Baby Blue-on pinky, simulating old denim
SallyGirl's Gold Glitter-accented ballet slipper nail

On these nails, I started with the name of the video on my thumb nail and accented it with gold stars.  On my index finger I put the design Gaga has on her pillow at the clinic.  On my middle finger, I freehanded a ballet slipper and ribbons.  This is just to symbolize leaving ballet from the video.  She had on some crazy ballet slippers but I couldn't get a good look at them to draw!  On my ring finger nail, I dotted on cherrios because Gaga has a bit of a melt down eating them in the video.  Last on the pinky nail, I loved her "old jeans and bedazzler" line plus the top she wears with the torn black leggings in the first dance scene so I painted my nail a faded blue, drew some lines to form a sparkly circle and added four clear rhinestones for extra sparkle. 

I have to say that Gaga looks so sexy splashing around naked in that tub.  I also love the "V" shape of her bangs at one point in the video.  Be on the lookout for my nail art elements in the video.  Gaga also mentions that she thinks "Mint" will be a huge color in fashion next year.   Note to self:  Buy that Sinful Colors Mint Apple you've been eying!

Can't wait for more Music Video Nails to come...

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