Friday, December 30, 2011

Tarnished Copper Nails

I was inspired by last night's successful Purple Copper Gradient Nails.  I loved how Warm & Fozzie's copper tones played well with the iridescent glitter and thought "tarnished copper."  I've always loved seeing oxidized copper roofs of old buildings and the occasional tarnished penny.

I found the image below online to help me get the texture of the oxidation just right:

The picture below was take with a flash. Most of the time my flash pics do not turn out well, especially with shimmery or glittery nails but I like out the flash worked in this one!

So the base color I was going for was that of an old penny however, while Warm & Fozzie has great copper tones it doesn't have solid coverage being a micro glitter polish.  One of my most recent polish purchases was Coco-a-go-go which is a shimmery brown with copper undertones.  I swatched it and it worked perfectly with Warm & Fozzie to create the old penny color.  After prepping my nails with a protective base coat, I applied one coat of Coco-a-go-go to each nail.  After the polished dried, I applied a thin coat of Warm & Fozzie to each nail.  Using a cosmetic sponge, I sponged on the tarnished spots with For Audrey and layered more with Savage and the unnamed Bon Bons shimmery blue.  I also added Treasure Island's teal glitter and some iridescent glitter to add some sparkle.  One final coat of Julep's Fast Drying Top Coat and taadaa! Tarnished Copper Nails!

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