Thursday, December 22, 2011

In the Year 2012 Nails

I did these nails very quick last night so that I could get to bed.  I have seen some awesome New Year nails already but I wanted to have the Times Square Ball on my nails with a sparkly 2012.  Below is what I came up with...

These nails are pretty straight forward.  I started with a black base color and painted on gold "2012" numbers on four nails.   I then used a silver micro glitter polish to draw in the ball on the thumb nail.  I took sparkly fuchsia, blue, and purple polishes to put multi-color dots all over the ball and used more silver polish for the bright sparks around the ball.   Last I used the silver, fuchsia, blue, and purple sparkly polish to accent the gold numbers. 

Bring on 2012!

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