Monday, December 19, 2011

A Tale of Five Glitters Starry Nails and other news!

First and foremost, I want to say that it has been exactly one month since I started this blog and it has exceeded my expectations!  As of today, I've had almost 700 hits from the US and other countries around the world.  I love how small the world has become with the rise of the information age!  This is my 47th post and I look forward to tons more posts on nail art, nail polish, and everything in between. Thanks to my blog followers, twitter followers, and Facebook friends and family for making my new blog an absolute success!

In other exciting news, Zoya Polish recently had a two for one sale on their color boxes.  So for $24, I would score six Zoya polishes.  I couldn't pass that deal up!  I ordered the Classic Contrast and Spectacular Sparkle boxes and they arrived today!

The Spectacular Sparkle Color Box contains:
Ivanka--a sparkly green
Charla--a sparkly tropical blue
Alegra--a sparkly fuchsia
The Classic Contrast Color Box contains:
Raven--a inky, shimmery black
Trixie--a shimmery, silvery micro glitter
Luna--milky grey white with silver glitter

 Since I received all of the polishes above, I couldn't resist trying out Luna.  I applied several coats of Luna to my base coated nails and then started layering other glitters over to produce some starry, glittery nails.

After Luna dried on my nails, I added a coat of Party of Five Glitters.  I then added pink, gold, teal and silver star glitter from Siver Star and Star Glitter polish by swiping polish onto scratch paper and fishing out the star glitter with a toothpick and placing them randomly on each nail.  Last, I added a thin coat of chunky gold glitter.

 Luna and the other Zoya polishes are a happy addition to my growing polish collection.
Overall, these nails accomplished my goals...ease of application, quick, cute, and wildy sparkling.

Happy polishing!

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