Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alexander McQueen Rhinestone Skull Nails with Marbling

While surfing the fashion web, I couldn't help but notice and covet these awesome ballet flats from Alexander McQueen.  Isn't the rhinestone skull pretty insane?

Since I can't afford $545 shoes no matter how spectacular they are, I decided I needed to do some golden skull nails with rhinestone eyes and teeth.  I thought it would be overkill to do a skull on every nail so I also took this opportunity to try waterless marbling with black and gold polish on the rest of my nails.  I think I did pretty good for a first try!

Polishes Used:
Wet N' Wild Black Creme
Revlon Gold Coin
Julep Fast Drying Topcoat

After prepping my nails with a clear base coat, I applied one coat of Black Creme to each thumb nail.  I then quickly applied a diagonal slash of thick, black polish across the next nail and next to it I applied Gold Coin.  I took a toothpick and merged the polishes with a swirling motion.  As you can tell my first finger is a little muddier than I would like but the rest of my fingers turned out nice!  Next, once my thumb nails dried, I freehanded a gold skull on each nail.  I applied two black dots of polish to the skull and then applied a black rhinestone into each dot and then drew in a nose shape in black polish.  Last I added three, clear rhinestones for the teeth and applied a topcoat to each nail.

These nails would probably pop even more with a gold chrome polish but I haven't any of that kind of polish yet!  "Yet" being the opperative word.  Also, smaller rhinestones for the teeth might be in order or even specks of glitter?  Who knows.  These work for me & I hope you like them!

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