Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sparkly Christmas Tree Nails with marbling

So bring on the cheese with these nails.  They are Christmas-y and Holiday-ish without shame...not to mention, Sparkadelic!  As I have said in previous posts, I have been playing with marbling when I stumbled onto a way to make a Christmas tree shape.  Dare you to try it!

Polishes Used:

After putting a clear base coat on my nails, I applied Metallic Green to every nail but my ring finger.  On that nail, I applied a thick coat of Sugar Sugar.   I quickly used a nail art brush to paint a thin line in Metallic Green down the nail. 

Here is the crucial step:  Dip your toothpick or needle into Metallic Green polish before you start your gradual horizontal marbling.  Stop midway and reapply some more Metallic Green to the pick or pin and finish.  Keep in mind that your zig zags should be getting bigger toward the end of the nail.

While the polish was still drying I applied a single glitter star from Siver Star glitter polish.  While the polish on your ring finger dries (its thick so it will take awhile) this gives you time to decorate the rest of your nails a la Christmas tree.  I first used several drops of Chunky Silver on my scrap paper and place the largest glitter pieces in swoopy lines on each nail to simulate garland.  This doesn't have to be that painstaking if you use a toothpick and overlap the glitter.  I then used a small dotting tool to put in ornaments with Sugar Sugar and Metallic Purple.  I also used Starry Blue's large blue glitters and placed them in random on each nail.  Last I used a medium dotting tool to make larger gold ornaments.  I covered each nail with Julep's Fast Drying topcoat.  Voila!  Cheesy (but cute and fun) Christmas Tree Nails.

*Tips* You could also use rhinestones or glitter to simulate Christmas lights.  I have some Sally Hansen Kaleidoscope glitter strips that would do awesome as glittler but it would be overkill with silver garland.  As with any marbling project, do not use fast drying polishes:)

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