Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Trek Nails, Boldly Going There!

So as I said in a previous post, my husband is a big fan of Star Trek.  He recently purchased the first season of the original Star Trek series on blu-ray and we've watched a few episodes.  Me, I'm a geek in my own way, hoarding Buffy and Big Bang Theory seasons among other things!   So when I saw the ensignias on the original Star Trek uniforms I thought they would makes some interesting nails.  Did they ever...

First let me just say that even I find my interpretation of the USS Enterprise to be funny but I still think I caught the gist.  I would also like to point out that in the first couple episodes I didn't see red uniforms but come on, those later red uniforms were hot!

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
Sinful Colors Let's Meet
Sinful Colors Why Not
Sinful Colors Cloud 9
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl
Sinful Colors Love Nails
OPI's Skull & Glossbones
China Glaze's Recycle
Revlon's Scented Polish in Mon Cherry
Revlon's Gold Coin
Wet N' Wild's Black Creme

So yes, it takes a LOT of colors to make this design work but it's worth it.  After applying a clear basecoat, I paintied my thumb and pinky nails in a shimmery black called Secret Admirer.   I then painted my index finger with one coat of Tokyo Pearl.  After allowing the polish to dry, I then painted my index finger with two coats of Let's Meet, a shimmery yellow.  Painting your nails white is a good way to ensure that sheer or shimmery polish shows true and clear, plus you reduce the number of coats needed. Next, I painted my middle nail in Why not, a pretty blue and my ring nail in Mon Cherry.  For the "STAR TREK" lettering on my thumb nail, I first did the lettering in Snow Me White and then painted over the dry white letters with Let's Meet.  I then used dots of Tokyo Pearl and Snow Me White to simulate stars.  On my middle three fingernails, I freehanded the Star Trek insignia in Gold Coin, a shimmery gold polish.  After the gold polish dried, I drew in the symbols for command, Science, and engineering and outlined the insignias with Black Creme.  On my pinky nail I painted a large circle, two tubes, a slaning line, and a small circle in Skull & Glossbones, a light grey polish.  These shapes all connected to form the outline of the USS Enterprise. Using Snow Me White, I put two white dots at the end of each tube above the large circle and a small white dot on the smaller circle.   After the white dots dried I filled the top two dots with Cloud 9, a shimmery orange and filled in the bottom white dot with Love Nails, a shimmery blue.  Catching on to my shimmery theme yet?!  I then outlined the ship with Recycle, a darker grey polish.  Using more Snow Me White dots, I added stars to the black shimmery background of the nail.  

Overall, these nails are what I envisioned and properly pay respects to a great show that boldly went "where no man has gone before..."

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