Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nail Art Vocabulary

So since Ive really delved into the nail art world on the net, I have come to realize that beauty bloggers have developed a different language. 

Stash:  Anything you keep on hand and constantly add to in order to beautify yourself or others.  My stash is my polishes which will one day require their own room.

Frankening/Frankenpolish:  There are dedicated people out there that mix up their own polishes.  I'm not in that deep, yet.  I will occasionally mix a dot of this and that polish to get a shade Im looking for but I don't make a whole bottle of the stuff. 

Haul:  You'll see all kinds of youtube vids on hauls for fashion.  Its basically everything they bought in a shopping session or several shopping sessions close together.  I might start sharing my polish hauls but only in conjuction with how I plan to or have used the new polish in my nail art.

Nail Art Fail/ Nail Fail:  Basically nail art gone seriously awry.  I love seeing these posted because it makes me feel better about my nail art.  Sometimes nail art takes time and practice to come together nicely!   Not sure when Ill be posting nail fails because if I hate it, I skip the picture taking, take the polish off and do something else!

Stamping/ Stamping plates:  There are a few brands of these out there but Konad and Bundle Monster are the ones I own.   Essentially, stamps are impressions in small, metal plates that you fill in with polish, transfer to a stamper, and stamp on to your nails.   They are what caused me to get so interested in nail art.  I love the full nail designs.  Keep tuned in for more Stamping nail art from this stamping addict.  For now, check out my category, Stamping, to see some examples of stamped nail art.

Dotting/Dotting tools:   I would say that these are essential to my nail art and I didnt know what I was missing until I finally started using dotting tools.  You can make your own using the plastic-coated ends of bobby pins or the ends of toothpicks.  Ive even seen someone using a ballpoint pen that was out of ink.   Obviously, dotting tools make different sized dots.  Who doesn't love dots?  I also dunk my smallest dotting tool into clear polish and use it to pick up and place rhinestones on the nail.  Very versatile, dotting tools.

Class dismissed!

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